Your heart is that place inside you which can never die, never be born and will always create and recreate.

A Well Known Fact: You can never be created or destroyed…you can only change…just like all else that is.

Change…it is happening to all of us…it is occurring in all of us at each and every moment. Even now your food is digesting…your mind is thinking…thoughts are constantly flowing from your conscious to your unconscious in a marvelous dynamism. We are all dynamisms…forever changing consciously or unconsciously…for better or for worse. Most people do not even recognize the changes that are occurring in their lives…unless they are really obvious…those who are aware delicately pay attention to the subtle, incremental changes as they lead them to higher levels of perception and growth.

Today for 2 minutes every hour, for the next 7 hours, allow yourself to feel the changes as they occur both within and around you…you may observe the obvious physical and sensorial changes…but also, pay attention to the changes in your feelings as they occur too and…

Have a great day!