About William Michael Forbes

Dedicated to helping people reach their full potential.

Hello! My name is William Michael Forbes, I am a Spiritual Medium, Channel and intuitive life coach. I have been coaching people for over 30 years now, yet something happened a little over three years ago that opened me up to the Divine. When I say Divine I mean, energy beings that exist outside of our normal range of perception, we do not see them or hear them until we discover how to tap into them.

I did in fact have an experience over 40 years ago where I heard an invisible voice; I was standing on a bridge, 131 feet up from the ground, about to jump. And the last tearful thought I had as I climbed up onto the ledge was, “If there is anyone that can help me, do it now”, and in that moment poised on the edge I heard a strong and very calm voice, say; “Do not jump, get down off the bridge, then go to the pay phone on the corner and call this number xxx number and ask for…Terry O’Brien.

Now I can imagine that you might be thinking how unusual that was, but at that time I was in such an emotionally messed up place, that after looking briefly around to try to find who spoke to me and I did not see anyone, I just decided to go to the payphone, call the number the voice gave me and ask for that man, who graciously invited me into his home to live with his family and he became my first real mentor. I never stopped to think about the voice on the bridge as I hurried over to the address the man had given over the phone. I had been given a lifeline and left that bridge behind and forgot about that experience for many years. Even when I explained to Terry that a voice told me to call him, he looked at me and simply said “Interesting.” I left the event behind in that moment feeling embarrassed. Several other unusual events had occurred over the next 40 years, but I still did not understand, nor appreciate the significance of them, other than to find them interesting. That all changed 7 days after my partner’s mother died more than a year ago.

It was a very emotional time for my partner, and we decided to take some time away from everything and traveled to Newfoundland, Canada. We were traveling up into the majestic mountains of Gros Morne National Park when I noticed a strong perfume smell filling the car and then I heard a voice saying it was Mother and that she wanted to speak with her daughter. Mother was the name that my partner’s mother called her mother. I began to shake and feel extremely hot and had to pull the car over at which point my partner and her mother had a 45-minute conversation through me which she fortunately recorded. The experience was like I was sitting at a table listening to people speaking to each other, occasionally I found myself clarifying some of the information which came through me as my partner asked many questions. That experience has created an immense change in my life, as I am now able to connect with many nonphysical beings with just a question.

This has given me the ability to guide others with their inquires and to facilitate in developing their abilities to connect with non-physical, high vibrational beings. I feel honored to be able to connect others to their passed loved ones, Guardian Angels, and receive guidance from ascended masters and other multidimensional beings.

Now many of the past events of my life suddenly make sense to me; why I was mysteriously rescued from imminent danger on numerous occasions, where and how I received many of the insights and inspirations with which I have helped many to overcome seemingly impossible life circumstances and events. I now know that it was my guardian angel John who spoke to me on that bridge 40 years ago.I know now with absolute certainty we are never alone!

There is always someone with us, waiting for us to ask question and open up our ears and eyes to receive the much-needed guidance and support that this world cannot always provide. There are realms of knowledge, energy and consciousness that are available to everyone who has the willingness to explore beyond what they know. I am honored to be able to be able to share my knowledge and experience with anyone embarking on the sacred journey to explore, create and manifest a life created from love. If you are questioning the validity of the Unseen World I encourage you to explore further, for what your eyes see and your ears hear are but a tiny part of the great and wonderful mystery of your being. #TorontoMedium