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Intuitive Healing Spiritual Medium

As a intuitive healer and spiritual medium, I channel guidance, higher knowledge and wisdom from ascended beings, angels and loved ones. I help people connect to the other-side by linking with the Spirit World to bring peace and comfort. I can teach you how to tap into your own inner-guidance for answers available through my interactive mediumship courses.


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New Courses in 2022!

I’m really excited about this years  mediumship program! Starting in January, 2022 will be our Mediumship program will be premiering our Mediumship Master class 104 Transcedence!

Shortcuts for your SOUL & Super Natural Saturdays

Join William for LIVE channelling Divine messages with Q&A  on YouTube 10 am every Monday, Wednesday,  Friday and Saturday.Get answers! Find out more about how to embrace your Super Natural self.


Mediumship 104 Master Class – Transcendence, is a live and interactive course with all sessions hosted on ZOOM. Transcendence is a re-awakening of your SOUL through a series of discussions coupled with Guided meditations. There is a total of nine, two to three hour sessions with discussion, Q & A, followed by a guided Meditation and integration process. The focus of this course is to guide you to align consciously and deliberately to your highest expression of yourself and by this method enhance and revitalize your experience of your life.

Message from Lord Metatron

“The way and means towards lasting freedom and love Lies in your ability to live fully in the present moment, unencumbered by your past.” – Lord Metatron, Nov 10, 2019

Message from My Guardian Angel John

 “Do not hold on to your suffering when it is always in your power to release it.” – Guardian Angel John, Nov 10, 2019


My session with William was a “game changer”

Recently I found a stack of my journals spanning the past 30 years. I felt deeply discouraged and had a sense of hopelessness that nothing had changed in all those years despite ongoing spiritual seeking through books, classes, support groups, and counseling. William is the first medium/counselor I have been to who finally provided answers

Catherine Young

My reading with William

My reading with William was such a gift. He was so articulate and the messages he gave me were so helpful in understanding experiences in my life. I have had the wonderful experience of meeting William personally for which I feel very honoured. I loved his personable style of communicating and he has an amazing

Wendy Jones

Thank you William for another

Thank you William for another great one on one reading. I received guidance on expanding my businesses. The tips I was given have given me hours of my time back. I also received a guided healing meditation to help transmute old trauma from 2016. I’m continuing William’s courses and retaking them because I love the

Sharayah McCormick

As far as mediums go I’m pretty sure it doesn’t get any better…

…than William. I’ve learned so much from him and the things that I have learned have changed my life. His guidance and the things that come through are always accurate and specific and his energy is just pure and inviting. If you are looking for some answers, need advice, or wish to connect to your

Edgar Jamal

I had an absolutely amazing reading with William…

…It was great fun, very relaxed, and the advice given/relayed has already been invaluable to my continued growth on this spiritual journey. I can not recommend highly enough! Thank you so much again, William Much love Jimmie

Jimmie Davey


Words cannot describe the gratitude I have for your generosity in this course. I have taken many courses and have never had such an amazing experience as with your course. You and your team go above and beyond to guide your students on their personal spiritual path. I am forever grateful to all of you!!!

Alyson Cinquemani


My first session with William was very rewarding for me. I had many questions in different areas of my life. My daughter suggested I have a session to see if I could get some answers. I am so excited that William and his guides answered all my questions! He also told me a few things


Humbling, mind blowing, life changing fantabulousness

Having just completed the 101 course, I am excited to share my experience. Firstly, my course mates, beautiful, kind, compassionate, sometimes hilarious but always accepting and understanding. I now consider them all, family! Secondly, the mediums, guides and intuitive teachers. Patience, humour and understanding is a given, but the wealth of knowledge, insight and personal

Nicky Gaultier

Finally some clarity, hope and direction to a freer me

I am now absorbing the fact that Michael was able to give me information that was not only what I really needed but was received with strong inner confirmation. I feel that Michaal is a really good listener and is able to give out clear information that isn’t full of dogma. He is a person

Clifford Brooks

I found the session with william…

I found the session with William to be quite helpful and inspirational. He gave me messages from my son that validated our current relationship and what steps I could start working on to improve communication between me and my son. Also, a message from my spirit guide was interesting and matched up with what other

Michele Anderson Hansen

My private reading with WIlliam transformed my life!

My private reading with WIlliam transformed my life! As a black female screenwriter, playwright, mother, lover and lightbearing starseed. I was able to glean the following insight in understanding my purpose in this incarnation and am sharing it with you as it can be applied to everyone and to all areas of our life: We

Alicia Inshiradu

I had my first reading with William and it was a great…

…experience. He was everything I expected and more. When he begins to channel you can actually feel the energy of love surround you in a very real way. If you are looking for some higher guidance from above this world do not hesitate to have a reading with him. You will not go wrong as

Shawn Fraughton - Private Reading

William is the best medium I have been to…

…and I have had readings with two other mediums before. They were magnificent, but not as clear as William was. I received clear messages and felt a connection with William due to his difficulties at a younger age. I have had challenges including sexual abuse as a child, and the pain is something that only

Ester Castillo

Incredible validation

My heart is full of love and joy after my reading with William. He helped me connect to my family members that have passed on, receiving healing messages. As well as my team of Angels and Guides that validated and revealed so much that I will forever be changed with their words of love and

Carolyn Taglioni

I had an incredible reading with William…

…his guides and Ascended Masters. I could feel their energy coming into my body through his words. They provided answers to all my questions and offered invaluable techniques for me to use to progress on my path. William articulates the information clearly and precisely. I can’t recommend him enough.

Heidi Markussen

I recommend William Highly!

You can tell William loves helping people because he goes above and beyond when you ask a question of him! Highly intuitive Medium, William channels with clarity & high vibe delivery. You can feel he walks the talk. I highly recommend William!

Gloria Rice


A few weeks ago I had reading with William , I had alot of questions that I had feeling I new the answers to and it turned out I was on the right track for most of it. Everything got made clear one way or another?. William is incredibly accurate with his readings and conveys

Mathew Losurdo

William is such a Blessings in my life!

My reading with William was inspiring and insightful. I see pathways of thinking and Being that I was not conscious of before. I feel he helped me with the awareness needed to assist me in allowing the aligning that is to come. I also really enjoy his programs. They are supporting me in releasing the

Jade Morton

William, your depth of knowledge and insights…

…have been tremendously helpful. You have contributed to my personal growth in such a meaningful way, I am eternally grateful.

Tammy Lynne

Life- altering

Having a one on one experience with the William and the spirits has possibly been the most important experience of my life so far. I’ve been shown that the keys to the kingdom are inside all of us, now I just have to practice opening the door. Being told the truth that I felt I

Andreas Loinsworth

Thank you! Forever grateful for you!

WOW there are no words to express the divine healing and clarity I recievied from William. He was able to shift me and connect me to the higher truth in an instant. I feel so blessed to have him in my life. He is so genuine all his words come from the higher heart full

Natalie Kibler

I had my first private reading with William and it was amazing experience,

At the beginning, I was very nervous because I don’t do these kinds of things very often. William knew how to calmed me down. He told me the best way for me to meditated. He thought me many practical guidances on how to cope with some stressful obstacles in my life. He is genuine and

Bogumila Niedzwiedzka

Mediumship 102 Course, Releasing past Trauma

I joined this course specifically to work on releasing trauma. I can truly say that the meditations are life-transforming. I shifted energy from a lifetime that has eluded me for many lifetimes, a lifetime of trickery, betrayal, torture, and death. Up until this time I had been aware of this lifetime and knew that I

Ursula Ramjit

Ascension and mediumship have been a new process,…

…new experience, and evolution at a new level. working with William and his team through his session has allowed clarification, Devine guidance and enhance my awareness. they are understanding and bring in a light ambiance through laughter. I would recommend that anyone going through Ascension undertake a reading with William and his team. thank you,

Ariya Grace

A session with William is truly a powerful and blessed gift for your soul

Wow. William is such a kind, deeply connected, loving and compassionate soul. My session with William was such a powerful experience and I appreciated every minute he shared with me. He connected immediately with the guides that were there for me and relayed some powerful and insightful messages. I began following William’s work almost 6

Jodi Beaugrand

One of the reasons I

One of the reasons I chose to receive a session from William is because I sensed an honest and transparent approach to communicating messages from Spirit while, at the same time, an embodiment of aligning these messages in his everyday thoughts, feelings, words, and actions. Who he is as a person “on screen” is who

Cristina Santamaria Graff

I am grateful to have come across Michael. His guidance…

…and accuracy helped me tremendously during a very tough time in my life. He helped me to understand why things manifest in my life the way they do and even though I’ve read so many books and listened to audios about understanding energy, Micheal made me actually understand it this time and I finally get

Elena Irina

I finally feel like I got a concrete answer

I was so pleased after my session with William today. I felt at ease immediately and as he started to channel I knew that he was speaking truth. I have done work on myself for many years and have had many spiritual guides and teachers. Often, they will say “you know the answer.” And I’m

Lori Lazarus Averick

Love. Love. Love.

This course has changed my life. I am only at first level. No words. Straight from the heart. William Michael Forbes and Norma has made miracles in my life. The change is out of this world. His team of teachers are so special. Thank you with big hearts. Chico❤Tatianna ❤Jo❤Michael❤. I interact with my team

Elizabeth Alongi

A Path to the Heart

My hour with William was an affirmation that the heart knows who we are and what answers we need. I received confirmation of choices I have made, that we are not limited to only one aspect or ability, but that all are part of our one being. There is no “or” but only “and”. It

Patricia Berberich


So grateful for these courses. William and Norma thank you from my heart. Much luv to you and team Desiree, Kristie, Michael, Jo,Chico and Philamae. Life changing. Expertise on channelling, chakras, meditation, Ascended Masters, Angels, Arch Angels, Star families. Bringing down 5D Earth. So much more.Creating your life with love, joy, abundance, health and much

Elizabeth Alongi

Absolutely amazing

I had the most amazing reading from William. I am grateful and honored to be in his presence. He is truly full of love with such a positive energy. I am so grateful for meeting him and can’t wait to join to his Mediumship course. I highly recommend Willam to anyone seeking connection with Spirit.

Sanaz Weigelt


I stumbled upon William, through a friend. Having walked through a time of darkness and uncertainty, the Grace of this encounter was sublime. It is impossible to mistake Christ consciousness. I’m so grateful for this reading and for this teacher who gives of himself so unselfishly.

leigh Bristow

William is a true Blessing. ?

Wow, Thank you; such a thorough and powerful reading. William’s depth of commitment to guide, heal, help and serve is truly profound. He delivers his guidance with immense warmth, kindness, understanding and connection regarding all aspects of life; people, situations and physical issues too. I highly HIGHLY recommend a reading with William to anyone &


A lot of amazing things started to happened after a reading with William

… and the Mediumship courses 101, 102 and 103 has been 9 weeks of a completely life changing experience to join. I am grateful to sit on the Divine school bench with his Divine Team to learn how to be present, centered, to release and replace issues in my life and much more. I highly

Sussie Mikkelsen

Life changing experience

This is my first reading and I found my experience with William to be amazing. It was a truly transformative experience with inner healing work, seeing my purpose, answering questions, what to work on, all packed into an hour. Wow! Thank you William for being the voice of my guides and the support from my

Mara OConnor

William is a very open hearted and sincere person…

with true connection to spirit and an ability to channel those messages directly to you. I highly recommend his services to anyone seeking such guidance and connection and look forward to learning more from his courses in the future…Thankyou for your dedication William, your a great example to so many that will follow this path.

Bonnie Millar

This reading touched me on such a deep level.

I was saying ”wow” so many times during the reading, because really “WOW”… It’s amazing how much clarity I received throughout this reading. It gave me the chance to straighten out my thoughts and have them connected to my heart and soul’s voice, all with the help of heavenly advisors who seem to know so

Estere Linde

Amazing Reading

Fantastic reading by William! Uplifting, Insightful, Intuition , Knowledge and Wisdom gained by his gifts. My consciousness and awareness has expanded from his ability to channel energies and beings. Delighted with William and will seek his services again very soon!

Darren Doyle

Incredible reading filled with beautiful lessons…..

I am so grateful to William for my reading tonight. It was filled with life lessons that I can take forward, practice, and perfect. He gave me a road map on how to manifest the life I truly desire. Thank you to all who were present in my guidance and all who are with me

Shannon Fadal

William is a compassionate and loving teacher right from the start of the Mediumship 101 course .

I felt I had met a very profound individual, who would teach me so much about myself and my connection to spirit. I was not disappointed I feel I truly have open up more of myself then I ever thought possible! Amanda Petite

Amanda Petite

I think William Michael Forbes is great…

…as a person and as a Spiritual Medium and Channel!! I have so much respect for this man. He has mastered his talent … creme de la creme !!

Dale Herring

If you are looking for a spiritual teacher to give you some…

…sound wisdom and channeled guidance, look no further. If you are sad, confused and need advice from a source who feels like your oldest friend, here is your man. William will lovingly address your questions without judgment, channel guided messages for you, and will not leave you until you are “flying higher” with Spirit and

Paula Cooper Milne

William is an amazing teacher who is compassionate and loving

Right from the moment I meet him I knew He was going to teach me so much more about myself and my connection to spirit. I feel I have learned so much in The Mediumship course 101 that I am continuing on to the 102. I am so excited to start the next course to

Amanda Petite

Awesome reading

Williaim, the reading that we experienced with you was awesome, inspiring, and left us with a deeper connection to spirit. We feel very grateful and at peace. We enjoyed meeting you and felt that the experience was transformative. Would highly recommend a reading to everyone. We will be encouraging some of our friends to do

Alan Wadsworth

Love And Light

I am so blessed to have made the choice to get a reading from William. I am grateful and honored to be in his presence for he is the true embodiment of love and light and the knowledge and wisdom that he shares along with the connection to our guides in assisting with our growth

Desiree Nicole Thompson

Words can not explain

Hi Everyone I had my first private reading with William this morning. I cannot explain how I feel right now. All of my questions were answered beautifully. If you deside to do this make sure u have plenty of questions like 50. I will recommend Everyone to do this it was very exciting. Much to

Lasondra White

 I had a most wonderful reading with William, he is such…

…a clear channel guided by Angels, ascended Masters and other Divine beings Love and Light. He tells you what you need to know to guide you on your path with so much Love, you just get filled with Joy and uplifted, loved and receive lots of support. I really recommend reading with Willam as you

Tetyana Hellier

I’m still processing everything that came through! Blown away by it!

There were several parts of the messages coming through that completely caught me off guard but that resonated at the same time in profound ways. Very deep messages. Wow! I will be watching the replay multiple times to get all of what I need to receive from today’s reading. I can’t process it all in

Tina Buck

Breathing away the pain

William is such an amazing guide; he helped me learn to love my anxiety and pain with breathing. He is also helping my self esteem and I finally see my self worth. I’m also learning to breathe in order to reach my third eye naturally to further my future studies to be a shaman. Thank

Fi Kilby

Thank you William!!!

I had a personal reading with William yesterday and it was amazing! He answered all of my questions with great detail. I love how caring and compassionate he is. He has a beautiful connection to spirit that really allows for a strong foundation of energy to flow forth to communicate detailed readings and healing. He

Sharayah Mccormick

So thorough, and helpful in guiding my growth during the…

…Channeling 102 course. His diligence and absolute love for spreading divine guidance touched my heart deeply and continues to inspire my own path and soul purpose in anchoring more light to this world. Thank you, William, you are amazing!

Alexandria Maya Gonzalez

Thank you sooo much!

William Michael Forbes is an AMAZING medium and teacher. It was a great honor working and learning under his guidance. He has endless love and patience to work to everyone. I learned so much from the course though I didn`t dare to step out from my comfort zone ?, but the amount of love and

Granita Birg

If you’re like me it’s…

If you’re like me it’s more than possible than you have traveled through life feeling engulfed by the world and the people around. Having both felt and heard my guides through William I am surrounded by and feel such peace and calmness And now I have been given the direction with the steps to take

Janice wrigley

I highly recommend William Michael Forbes for a session…

…His reading brought me so many revelations about my journey for my soul’s growth. Please take the time to book a session for yourself. Your spirit team is waiting to communicate with you

Angie Stutzman

Perfect Timing!!!

I gained much needed clarity during my session with William. I received practical advice regarding my circumstances, and I learned how to implement new ways of handling myself when life throws a curve ball. I am very much grateful to receiving William’s help and receiving help from both his guides and team! I highly recommend


This is my Teacher!

If you are interested in self-development in a spiritual, metaphysical way, you cannot go wrong with William Michael Forbes! Kate Upson

Awaken The Power Within You

Just completed the 101 course given by William Michael Forbes and his wonderful tribe of other spiritual guides….It has truly an amplified the Love and Light I have in my Soul already and deeper connections….I am the author of “How to Awaken the Power Within You”…These courses take you to a whole other level of

Diana Dolce

I highly recommend

I highly recommend William’s readings! I was particularly impressed by the healing energy of the experience. I hadn’t anticipated the healing component and it was very special. His years of coaching experience is evident in his wealth of knowledge. William is a patient and heart centred teacher. He connected me with amazing information. At the

Tarra Harbarenko

The Best Decision I’ve made in a long time!! Highly recommend

Having this session with William has been a joy. He is a blessing and he is immensely talented. If you are someone reading this, who is thinking of having a session with William and you’re undecided, perhaps if you are looking for a sign, then this is it. Go for it. You will not regret

Luisa Violet Isabella Grace

A profound gift and one lucky patreon member!

Last wednesday I had a wonderful reading with William. I received such powerful messages! Williams attention and presence is of a loving kindness. Sometimes the questions I wanted to ask were still a bit too much embedded in linear concepts of my existence. The messages I received from and through William were answers to better

Louise van Swaaij

I have been searching for a way to connect to…

…my true self all my life. The 102 course is providing skills, awareness, and confidence in taking action steps to truly connect not only to my spiritual team as well as the virtual team of group members that are assisting me in this process as well. Thank you, William

Allison Hardy

Right on the mark

William’s clear and wholehearted conveyance of channeled entities responses to my questions delivered almost instant clarity. It was as if an avenue of clear seeing was opened up for the duration of our meeting. Thank you William.

Elizabeth Cervantes

It’s a privilege to have taken the Mediumship 101 Beginners Course. It has been a great experience!

Williams medium-ship beginners Course 101 has been a journey within me to find a deeper understanding of who i am, and so much more. I took this course in a point of my life where i needed to come back home to myself or as William course teaches us, to become more aware of ourselves,

Cynthia Morales D

I have had an incredible experience in the 102 Mediumship course…

…by William Michael Forbes and Norma Jean Jones. All activities and guidance provided by William, Norma, and Spirit Teams, have definitely helped me to develop a calmer state of being and expand my self-awareness. I am truly grateful for being able to participate in this course and I am looking forward to other courses offered

Oleksandra Sehin

So happy and grateful to have been guided to William’s 102 Mediumship course….

…All the tools, advice and insights have been invaluable for me particularly the meditation techniques. William gives everything he has got as a teacher which is phenomenal. A bright light and a great example for all on the spiritual path. Much love and gratitude to you William.

Madeleine Scola

Blessed beyond measure

I found William on his YouTube channel and followed him from day one. I saw a lot of changes within myself as well as my environment. I was guided to take the Mediumship 101 course but ended up taking the 102 and 103 as well. It was life-changing and I am looking forward to what

Jeanine Rabie


Just finished my reading with William Michael Forbes. I am stunned at what he had to say! I have been working on my understanding of spirituality for years and have been working on better communication with spirit, but have always felt a block! With William’s help, I now know what the block is and have


Michael has given me a profound experience

Michael has given me a profound experience. I am very excited about applying the information and techniques he has given me to my life. Thank you Michael! Beautiful experience!

Shane newcombe

william michael forbes

Props to william, he has helped me step into myself, become calm in the storm, reach my higher self, and know my guides’ voices. My intuition and manifestation powers are getting brighter, bigger, louder, stronger and I’m so grateful to be alive and excited to start my life. I am no longer in fear of

fi kilby

Second half of my testimonial continued Spiritual Medium William Michael Forbes!

We are a community of like minded individuals & souls seeking answers on our awakening journey. Shortcuts for your Soul is on You Tube Every Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays @ 10:00 am Eastern Standard time. Live chat is on for free questions and advice! Whether you have any burning issues or not, the wisdom, kindness

Gina Kilby

“To hear the angels sing…”

I must confess that I was very nervous today prior to my reading with William because I’d never had a reading before. I never thought such a thing would do me any good, and I was wary of charlatans who prey upon gullible people. But I had watched a few of William’s videos on YouTube

Nancy M

Compassionate clear guidance…

I just had a personal reading and am very happy with the warm, compassionate and clear guidance from William and his Guides. It touched me deeply to experience personal advice from JC as well! All very helpful. I do feel encouraged again. ?

Luisa van der Wulp

William’s Mediumship Course Was a Total Game Changer

I took William’s mediumship course last year, and I could not have been happier with the results. The things I learned in those classes were an absolute game changer in my spiritual awakening. I revert back to the knowledge I acquired from them all the time. I also revert back to the amazing things I

Angie Chaney


I’m so happy I booked a reading with William. It was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had. He is very genuine and the reading was incredibly insightful. I highly recommend his services! Thank you William for the work you are doing. Much love!

Rachel Spohn

The courses are Amazing!

I was on a journey to a new me for the past few months trying to figure out where to go with my life. I got back into a more spiritual mindset during that period and I was seeking for something. I kept stumbling across information on channeling and other mediumship. This is how I

Adte Namta

Life Changing

I have never encountered such a high vibrational, non-ego driven spiritual teacher. I highly recommend William for anyone who wants to know what Spirit’s true messages are.

Ann Marie Morales-Ear


Friends treated me to a reading with William Michael Forbes, for which I am truly grateful. It was very life affirming. I received clear messages from ascended beings. One from 700 years ago! who is now with me. The reading gave me renewed hope for myself and mankind. I really enjoyed the reading with William


So grateful for my reading

The reading with William Michael was uplifting and brought a sense of serenity through his channeling. The messages from the guides and angels present, has given me direction and understanding on handling my life. I feel blessed to have a reading from such a great medium. This has been truly rewarding!

Vanessa Rodriguez

A depth beyond words

I have to say, that my reading with William was unlike any I’ve ever had. The words and advice were incredible enough but the way he brought in the vibrations and emotions was simply amazing and powerful. It was not just a reading, it was a palpable experience with a depth beyond mere words. I

Rita Russell

Unstoppable self discovery

Hi, I just had a reading with William. If you want to learn more about yourself, fasten your seatbelts!!! There is a connection that hits you right to the core, weather you like it or not. No place to hide, but in the end you wouldn’t want to either. He leaves No stone unturned, but

Jana Dulovicova

The most significant meeting of our life

If you are reading this testimonial, your truth has kindly lead you here. Don’t question it, instead take action and book a session with William. We were at the end of our tether when we decided to reach out to the ‘top’ mediums for guidance. Of the lot, William stood out and outshone them all.

Blayne Oliver

Student of 101, 102,103 course

This is my second 101 and I am going into the 3rd 102,103. I found that the space William and other teachers have created is a space of understanding and to be vulnerable in your path without judgment. I have grown so much due to the meditations and conversations during the meditations. I have tuned

maryory roldan

Exciting and Healing Experience

William connected me with my loved who have passed which gave me peace and a sense of closure on the past. He also revealed to me a lot of information regarding my spirit guides, my health and how to clear my chakras so I can communicate with my Guides. This was a very Healing experience.

Melissa Peterson


My reading with William was immensely helpful and illuminating. I got answers to questions I did not think to ask. I received information & advice in conversation that is going to help me take the next step on my spiritual journey. William is a clear channel and connected instantly with my team, utilizing analogies that

Lori Rosengrant

From bound to liberation

I reached out to William as I had been feeling stuck in a couple of areas in this life, specifically in matters of health and spiritual clarity. In the course of hour, the guidance I received, I was given tools to move off this feeling of being stuck and into a greater space of freedom.

Gary Stokoe

A Truly Caring Teacher & Mentor

I was directed to Williams class & I am filled with so much gratitude to have experienced his teachings. I just finished Mediumship 101 & 102. I’m going to continue his teachings so I can take it all in. I feel such a difference in my life already that I just want more & more.

Patricia Ann Barnabei

Mediumship 101

Wow…I’ll stay concise as there’s much my soul can speak. Mediumship 101 with WMF, Norma, and all teachers has been life-changing. I have been ready to leave behind all that doesn’t serve me and my work on this earth and I now have the tools to do so. Everything needed was right there in the

Melody Dodge

I appreciate William so much. He is a very loving, compassionate…

…and patient teacher. He is truly a teacher. It is never about him it is always about the highest good. He always makes sure you understand the teachings. I felt very comfortable working with him. I highly recommend William to guide you on your journey. Much Love.

Jess Ber

William is amazing!

I learned a lot from William and he helped so much over the course of just an hour! He is extremely kind, knowledgeable, and makes things easy to understand. I cannot thank you enough for helping me solve a affliction I’ve dealt with for years, and helping me expand my understanding of energy, the universe,

James Shanti-Strother

I had a ‘reading’ with William. I know him as an extremely gifted channel…

…and a wise teacher, so I went in expecting to have an amazing experience… however, I was still totally blown away! It’s taken me a few days to allow the sheer volume of information to start to sink in, let alone the depth of it. Imagine being introduced to your main angelic guides for the

CarolAnn Love

Watch, Read & Listen

Start now with guidance and higher knowledge from my angelic team and myself.




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