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Embark on a soulful journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening with William Michael Forbes’ Masterclasses.

In Masterclass 101 Awakening, unlock the secrets of communication with your guides, angels, ascended masters, and multi-dimensional beings, elevating your spiritual connection to new heights. Immerse yourself in Masterclass 102 Liberation, a transformative experience where you learn to liberate yourself from past dense emotions, fostering healing and personal growth. Explore the realms of creativity and manifestation in Masterclass 103 Creation, a space where your inner artist and visionary are unleashed. Finally, ascend to profound levels of consciousness with Masterclass 104 Transcendence, transcending limitations and tapping into the extraordinary potential within you. Join these empowering courses to embrace a life of spiritual richness, emotional freedom, creative expression, and transcendent wisdom. 

Masterclasses 2024

Masterclass 101 Awakening

Dates: July, 6th – July 26th 2024

The Masterclass 101 Awakening Course is held for three consecutive weeks.

Embark on a transformative journey with William Michael Forbes in Masterclass 101 Awakening, a dynamic and interactive course where participants learn the art of channeling angels, guides, and ascended masters. Held in a private Facebook group, this masterclass empowers students to strengthen intuition, build belief, and discover the profound connections that lead to spiritual awakening and guidance

It is held in a private FB group where students will learn via Live ZOOM sessions with the support of 5 Mediums.

Students can work at their own pace and around their own schedule and time zone, all material, events are recorded and available anytime for replay for the duration of the course on the group wall.

Course material will include:
  • Learn how to sense the presence of your Angels, Guides and Ascended Masters 
  • Connect to your Angels through Angel cards
  • Learn how to Channel your Angels, Guides and Ascended Masters 
  • Receive Chakras Opening & Healing

Other facets of the course:

  • Action Steps you need to know before practicing Channeling
  • How and why Grounding is so important
  • Building your belief and Trusting Intuition
  • Ways to raise your vibrational frequency
  • What role does Nutrition and Water play in Channeling 
  • How to release toxic energies by food, drink, and thought
  • What is Ascension and what we need to do to allow the process
  • How to cleans dense energies from your home and physical body
  • Breath-work visualization and meditation
  • The importance of moving beyond your comfort zone
  • Understanding the Claires, Claircognizance, Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, and Clairaudience
  • What is a clear channel and how to be one
  • What role do your Chakras (energy centers) play in Channeling

$199 USD


Masterclass 102 Liberation

Dates: August 3rd – August 23 2024

The Masterclass 102 Liberation will be held for three consecutive weeks.

Spontaneous Healing, Further Opening your Channels and releasing dense energies. Masterclass 102 Liberation is a high vibrational course and builds upon the foundation of the Masterclass 101 course. It is not mandatory to take the Masterclass 101 Awakening course to join this three week program. In Masterclass 102 liberation we will continue by further opening the Clair’s through practice channeling and will work on releasing old unconscious blocks which no longer serve you, through guided meditation to activate your pineal gland and Kundalini energies. We will be placing a strong Focus on releasing past dense Energies to embody your new light being and create a new future.

Course will include:

  • Spontaneous healing
  • Staying in the present moment
  • Pineal gland and Kundalini activation
  • Breaking free of old patterns
  • Understanding & Mastering Meditation 
  • Letting go of past trauma and old dense emotions 
  • Creating a new life blueprint
  • Learning how to live in love and joy
  • Healing the body through Meditation
  • Understanding internal and external triggers


$199 USD


Masterclass 103 Creation. Saturday, May, 11th – May, 30th 2024


The Masterclass 103 Creation Course will be held for three consecutive weeks.

This course is currently being offered only to students who have taken either the Masterclass 101 Course, The Masterclass 102 Liberation course.

Masterclass 103 Creation is an interactive course on advancing your abilities channeling your Angels, Guides, Ascended Masters and multidimensional beings. The course is hosted in a private FB group where students will learn via Live interactive sessions with the support of 5 Mediums and fellow students, during the three-week program. Students can work at their own pace and around their own schedules and time zones, as all material, recorded video and live sessions will be left on the wall for the duration of the course, to be replayed by students as needed.

Course material will include:
  • Creating a new life template
  • Healing the body additional steps
  • Defining your life’s vision
  • An introduction to Astral Traveling
  • An introduction to Trance Channeling
  • Living a Quantum life

$199 USD


Masterclass 104 Transcendence

Starts June 8th – June 28th

Masterclass 104 Transcendence, is held for three consecutive weeks. This course is available to students who have taken either The Masterclass 102 Liberation course or the Masterclass 103 Creation course.

Masterclass 104 Transcendence, is a live and interactive course with all sessions hosted on ZOOM. Transcendence is a re-awakening of your SOUL through a series of discussions coupled with Guided meditations. There is a total of nine, two to three hour sessions with discussion, Q & A, followed by a guided Meditation and integration process. The focus of this course is to guide you to align consciously and deliberately to your highest expression of yourself and by this method enhance and revitalize your experience of your life.

You can work at your own pace and around your own schedule and time zone. All live events are recorded and shortly afterwards loaded onto a FB private group wall for Registered students to view and review for the duration of the course, at any time.

This 9 meditation for this course are entitled:

  • At the gates of The Divine Temple
  • Vibrationaly Matching
  • Meeting Your Higher Self
  • Remembering how to hear
  • Remembering how to see
  • Consciously Reuniting with your  Divine
  • Being guided in the silence
  • A teacher Awakens
  • Service to others

Course Materials will include:
A downloadable Student E-book to guide you in your process along with a tracking sheet to record your growth and development.

Course cost $199.00USD



William Michael Forbes
Dates: Starts June 8th – June 28th

Takes place every week, a total of 21 sessions.

Contact Details

Online Private Facebook Group

Repeat students $99.00

$199 USD