Tips on how to become the person to always want to be

The advice I give here are effective and easy to use activities that I have given to clients over my years as a coach. These are simple and they work. They can shift your state quickly and easily, when applied properly.

These have helped many clients that have had difficulty sleeping, clients who have been struggling with mind chatter and ongoing anxiety and these have also helped clients struggling with suicidal thoughts and feelings. I view these tips as only a small fragment of my coaching practice. They are temporary fixes and although I have clients who say they successfully continue to use these tips effectively, months and even years later, they are not a substitute for the well-rounded programs I offer to people for creating and restoring purpose and positive meaning in their lives.

It may have taken years to create some of the problems you may be having, but I can assure you it won’t take years to correct. In fact, many of my clients start making changes that can undue years of struggle, pain and needless suffering right away, as some of you might find by using the following tips.

Tip #1

This can be used anytime and anywhere to gently quiet your mind. Whether you are sitting, standing or lying down. To begin, take in three slow deep breaths, inhaling through your nose and out through your mouth, make sure to exhale completely after each inhale. Pay attention to how your body automatically relaxes after each time you exhale. Next take your right index finger and place it pointing upwards and across your lips like this picture;

With your finger in this position take another slow deep breath and as you exhale make the following sound quietly and gently. Shhhhhhhh. Notice what you feel as you make the sound. Repeat the sound at least two more times. You can make the sound quieter and slower to increase the effect. Repeat as needed. This works great to quiet your thoughts.

Tip #2

This can be used when you find yourself facing strong negative feelings inside.

When you encounter a strong negative feeling inside, take three slow deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth and notice. Pay attention to how your body automatically relaxes after each exhale. Next using a tone of voice that sounds sincere, deliberately think or speak directly to the negative feeling the following phrase and notice how the feeling changes as you express these words;

I’m willing to take care of you and love you…even if I don’t understand you.

Repeat this statement 3-5 times, each time with more sincerity, like you really mean these words. Notice how the feelings intensity goes down.


Tip #3

If your feeling low on energy here is a quick booster that is fun and can be done with others.

Stand up straight, pull your shoulders back, tilt your head slightly back and smile, now begin to jump up and down for ten seconds acting and sounding as if you won a lottery jackpot.