In this blog I have historically offered numerous ways and ideas on how to deal with physical, mental and emotional stresses. It has only been recently that I have realized that Neurological and biochemical deficiencies and imbalances also effect physical, mental and emotional behaviour and that these deficiencies can often be related to nutritional intake and the exposure to incompatible environmental substances in the environment around you. It is also true that your brain can be stimulated to produce chemistry and behavior that appears to be missing by consciously and intentionally altering internal and external processes and actions.

In today’s installment of How to be happy in fifteen minutes or less, I want you to focus on what you give your body at each meal. For 2 minutes before each meal consider if what you are giving your body is consistent with what it requires to function properly. This will also mean that you are to spend five minutes after eating researching what a body of your type requires on a daily basis in volume and nutritional. After researching what your body may need, experiment by altering your meals for a week and notice and feel if there is any difference.

Take thirty seconds before and after every meal to just be thankful for the food before you eat it…food is energy. Your emotional energy leaves your body in either concentric spheres or as a stream when directed specifically at someone or something…this means your attention effects, by some degree, external and internal matter and how your body will interact with and digest the food.

Put yourself fully into this process and leave a comment about your experience.


Have a GREAT DAY!!