The range of expressions that humans can produce for themselves; from a bum on the street to the thousand pound man, to the Sages, Artists and poets, dictatorial madmen and politicians…fills my mind with sadness, wonder and joy.

A Well Known Fact: Without knowledge life seems like a problem, accident or a mistake…Reason is the first breath of happiness.

When you wake up in the morning…do your thoughts and feelings take you immediately to joy and the possibilities of another amazing day? Or does your mind track into familiar, redundant and painful thoughts of drudgery? Do you even know that you have a choice to think the thoughts you want? Do you even believe that you are thinking your own thoughts? Today’s blog is a chance to become a little more conscious of what you are thinking and to have the opportunity to change them as they occur…and with this in mind for two minutes of each of the next eight hours…make sure the thoughts you think are thoughts that will incline you to feel better about yourself and then allow yourself to act according to those thoughts and

Have a great day!