Given the choice between pleasure and pain, joy and sorrow, anger and peace, empowerment and helplessness, it would seem that there is an obvious choice to be made between them.

However this is not entirely true. It is true that the positives are ultimately the experiences we want to have, yet viewed from a perspective of pure energy….all emotion IS energy. In fact Emotions ARE the energy we use to generate behavior which in turn creates the dynamic interactions between ourselves and all other people and living things.

Your emotions start as a movement of electrons in your brain and flow from the judgements you make based on your perception of the moment. Your perception of the moment may be colored by your past or you may experience the moment as it is. Many people automatically allow the past to impair their experience of the the present and by doing so may create conflicts based on a past present and not on the actuality of the present. Knowing how to change your emotional energy and thought forms can be a big step forward towards living in the present as it is and becoming who you really want to be (and not just continuing on in your life being who you’ve been taught to think you should be.)

In today’s Blog on How to be happy in fifteen minutes or less I’m going to share with you a simple technique for transforming emotional energy and bringing yourself into the now, without having to fight with negative feelings.

When I first learned that my emotions are the energy I have to create my life with and that I could change them at will I was thrilled with the idea that my emotions aren’t who I am. Your emotions too are the power you have to transform your life…quickly and easily…positively or negatively.

I found myself in a strange new world those many years ago when I got it, that my emotions were were effects of thoughts in my mind. At that time many of the thoughts in my mind were from other people and media. I began choosing the thoughts I wanted to think…instead of just allowing any thought to flow through my head. And this is the first suggestion for you to try out in your life;

Spend time as often as you can watching the thoughts in your mind in different situations and ask yourself this question. Does this though represent and support who I really want to be and become? If you decide that it isn’t a thought that truly represents you, replace it with a thought you think does represent you and notice how the new thought makes you feel.

Now the second part of this requires that you notice any feelings that are uncomfortable. These feelings may come from the thoughts you are changing, they may come from thoughts that people are presenting to you…it doesn’t matter where they come from as this part of the activity is to show you how to change your emotional energy by interacting with negative feelings differently than you normally would.

Most of us try to avoid negative emotions….in fact there is a huge pharmaceutical industry designed to help us not feel negative feelings. Yet your emotions are your energy and to deny them is to deny your power…yet you can’t just allow negative feelings to go on all the time in your mind as it is detrimental to your nervous system over an extended period. So to change that from happening whenever you are aware of negative emotions, I want you to choose a label for it;
i.e.  I call this Fear, worry, doubt, anger, rage, sadness, depression.
Now once you’ve labelled it I want you to say or  think inwardly towards that feeling the following statement in a voice or internal voice that sounds like you really mean it;

Even though you are ___(insert the label you’ve chosen here)___ and I don’t understand you….I’m willing to love and accept you.

Once you’ve made this statement towards the labeled emotion in a tone of voice or internal tone of voice that sounds like you really mean it…notice how the feeling changes. Notice how your body changes. If the feeling is still intense, repeat the statement a few more times, each time make yourself sound more and more like you mean what you are stating.

Every time you repeat these activities pause and notice how you feel and notice how your emotions change and how the change in emotion alters your body.


Have a GREAT DAY!!