In keeping with the growing spirit of HOW TO BE HAPPY IN FIFTEEN MINUTES OR LESS, I want you to consider the following;

If you resist, deny or hide from negative emotions you actually give them more power.

Wherever we place our attention the mood, feelings, thoughts and ideas we hold in our mind send a flow of electrons (near invisible energy) in that direction. Whatever is the quality of the mood, feeling, thoughts and ideas, the flow of electrons will carry a positive or negative charge to match the degree and intensity of them. In today’s installment of How to be Happy in fifteen minutes or less, I’m going to give you a simple tool for increasing the strength of positive energy attention that will also reduce and transform negative energy into and back towards positive.

Energy is energy. The only difference between one form of emotional energy or another is the degree by which we experience it as positive or negative. Energy cannot be created or destroyed…but is can be changed and is always changing. With your awareness you have the ability to intentionally alter by various degrees, your emotions from one state to another by an act of your imagination and will. No matter how negative or positive you feel at this moment, when you do the following activity with sincere effort…you will feel an almost immediate change.

If you are feeling predominately negative prior to doing the following exercise and apply the activity earnestly, you will feel your mind begin to calm and your body increase in relaxation. If you are feeling predominately positive as you do the exercise you will feel an increase in your positivity. At any time, night or day you can use the following tool as you need to. This is very easy to do for some, and a little harder for others, yet if it is practiced it gets very easy and the changes occur faster. On this note, get into a comfortable position in a chair. Although you can do this exercise in any position, sitting allows you to notice physical and emotional change easier as sitting reduces distractions.

From the position you’ve chosen to be in, make sure your body is as comfortable as possible, then take three slow, deep breaths and feel what your body feels each time you exhale. You will notice your body naturally releases tension when it exhales and as you breath in each time you draw in fresh energy in the form of oxygen, which increases circulation and vitality.

Next turn your attention the the feeling and thoughts in your mind…notice what they about are as if you are watching them on a movie screen. they will likely be about the past and future, they may be positive or negative. No matter what they are, I want you think the following thought Slowly and deliberately three times in a row, towards what you are noticing in you mind. Make your internal voice sound like you really mean these words…make the words sound as sincere as you can and notice what changes in your body and your feelings with each time you say these words;

“I’m willing to love you…even if I do not understand you.”

Notice what changes.

“I’m willing to love you…even if I do not understand you.”

Notice what else changes.

“I’m willing to love you…even if I do not understand you.”

Repeat longer if you like.

Compare how you feel now to before you started.

Why this works for so many people;

Your subconscious mind…that part of your mind where all your thoughts, emotions and memories are stored cannot distinguish between fantasy and reality…(I’ll prove this in my next blog.) and just reacts to the tone and intention without question.

With social awareness expanding towards healing mental illness simple tools like this will become common place.

Have an awe-fillied day!!