I wanted to leave a review for my very wonderful and profoundly gifted teacher/medium/channel William Michael Forbes and his very Lovely Partner Norma and she is a profoundly gifted and wonderful teacher/medium/channel. They both work beautifully and harmoniously together and really a profound healers. These lovely souls changed and profoundly impacted my life in the most positive and transformational way. I dealt with trauma in the past and panic attacks and anxiety when I first met them in 102.

I’ve now completed 104 and the person I am today is a totally new creation thanks to them and their profoundly transformational program. 102 releases held patterns, emotions and trauma. I intend to take that again. 103 and 104 and 102 helps to open Clair’s to become a medium and channeler.

104 allows you to connect with the divine in the universe and remember your soul. I realized that I am an eternal soul and fractal of source in 104 and the surrender and importance of letting go and detaching with love rather than grasping or attaching to people, places and things. I got to know my soul on a profound, intimate and very deep level and to connect with it. Also, 103 opens way more Clair’s and gifts and it’s a very fun course for exploring and expanding on your gifts talents and Clair’s. It’s been a very exciting ride and continues to be.

I am now a successful medium and channeler and I do this as a hobby presently to help others in my group soulfire creations my mission is to heal the emotional body with reiki channeling and mediumship. I love the work that I do and my anxiety and trauma has been completely transformed as I’ve been able to master my emotional patterns around it thanks to these very lovely souls and teachers on my path.

I am forever grateful to them both and the entire program including Chico, Kahn, Desiree and so many others on my path. William you’ve really changed my life for the better and I really believe in the work you do. For the better is a profound understament I did a 180 from the person I was 3 years ago and am a completely new person/new creation as a soul and person and am very much transformed and in a way better place. Im profoundly touched and moved by this entire process and am so very grateful for the friendships and community I’ve made in this program. I’m noticing a profound shift in my emotional patterns and frame of reference after the 104. My psychic gifts are open, I’m in a way better place and fully on my path. Infinite Love and gratitude to William and Norma as I’ve healed and am now in the place to help others like me. ~*~*♥️🙏🌻🌹🌈🤗🦋🙋🏻‍♀️♾💯💯💯👼