I am in awe of the authenticity, depth, & truth of my reading session today with William (WMF), my first channeling session ever! I was brought to tears multiple times, especially when I connected for the first time with my father’s spirit who passed away a few decades ago. Not only tears, but intense head-to-toes electric vibrations that absolutely confirmed to me the truth of the messages I was hearing. All my old hard feelings toward my deceased father dissolved forever in a few minutes of communication through William! Wow! A life changing event indeed. Some messages were about old truth that were kept in my being for decades and were undeniable confirmation of the pure truth that William speaks. I now plan on having multiple reading sessions with William to ask all the questions I need answers too. Please, for your well-being, do not hesitate to book a reading session with William, it will be a life altering event without a doubt. William is a gift given to those of us who open their mind and trust in the higher truth of the spirit world. Thank you William and Spirit for your gifts today. I am eternally grateful to you both.