I have taken a series of courses and a session with William and the first thing to that comes to mind is what an extraordinary experience this has been for me! I cannot say enough about the help and growth in my ascension William has provided. I also want to mention that all who come to these courses are wonderful beings of light and how much they have changed my life and added to it in a beautiful fulfilling way. We are all on our ascension journey and we are all have our own vibrations and frequencies. William is able to teach us in such a loving and masterful way that we can all learn from each other. No one is experiencing the exact same growth in their ascension. William is able to use this as an integrate part of his courses and we all are able to share our vast array of experiences. These courses have changed my life and I am eternally grateful to have found William Michael Forbes and to have him be such a huge part of my journey. Thank you, with love and light William for everything. Tammie