William was very understanding and knowledgeable on many subjects that we discussed.
I have to say, I’m very impressed.
For example, my brother in law passed away, and I asked if he had a message for his daughter.
William mentioned the name Jenny, with didn’t ring a bell to me, adding that the sun is shining on you and me ( meaning her dad) and that he likes pink flowers too.
I called my niece and discovered that the school had them outside taking pictures of flowers on a sunny day. While taking the pictures with her friend, she mentioned that she liked the pink one more then the rest.
A couple days later while shopping with her friend, she tried on a jacket and stated that she looks like a movie star named Jenny.
William mentioned who my guides were, and described the two of our friends to a tee that have passed away.
So in a nutshell I’m very impressed and will be calling on him again soon.
Thanks for all your help William, your a blessing 🙏