I must confess that I was very nervous today prior to my reading with William because I’d never had a reading before. I never thought such a thing would do me any good, and I was wary of charlatans who prey upon gullible people. But I had watched a few of William’s videos on YouTube and found that what he was saying really resonated with me. I was particularly attracted to him because of his relationship with Jesus, to whom I am devoted. After the last video, I had an overwhelming sense of inner guidance to book an appointment with him to address the terrifying nightmares from which I’ve suffered all my life. (By the way, I’m old now!) I am so happy that I went through with this! William and his guides (or was it my guides – I’m not sure) gave me some practical advice for how to conquer my nightmares, and a whole host of other wise pieces of advice about the important people in my life, my work, my health and my writing. I was touched beyond words when he channeled a message from Jesus for me, and introduced me to my guardian angel (or guide, if you prefer). Never did I dream that I would actually be able to hear Jesus and my angel’s voice and words in this life! I was so happy with the sound advice and answers that I was getting that it never even occurred to me to ask about any of my friends and family who have passed over! But perhaps it is just as well to let them rest in peace! William’s reading was such a sweet, profound experience, and I can’t wait to start practicing the techniques he and his guides taught me and watch the difference that I expect this will make in my life. Thank you a million times over, William, and a million thanks as well to all who helped you to help me today!  Nancy