I was saying ”wow” so many times during the reading, because really “WOW”…
It’s amazing how much clarity I received throughout this reading. It gave me the chance to straighten out my thoughts and have them connected to my heart and soul’s voice, all with the help of heavenly advisors who seem to know so much more than we do here on Earth. .
The information that I received is timeless in its Truth and it touched me so deeply.
This reading was filled with very high energy, feelings of wholeness, trust, vitality, unconditional love and unconditional understanding – the things that were blocking me from feeling this way on my own, were brought up for a review and an empowering change of perspective was given – How am I able to change things in my life and what is the so powerful “why” behind it.
I already had forgotten that I CAN feel and live like my life is in my own hands, where I Can create as much happy, positive, healthy, Love filled experiences as I know I would be thrilled to experience. I am amazed by the experience of meeting you William with your spiritual team and so, so very grateful.
Thank you, thank you!!