Having this session with William has been a joy. He is a blessing and he is immensely talented. If you are someone reading this, who is thinking of having a session with William and you’re undecided, perhaps if you are looking for a sign, then this is it. Go for it. You will not regret it.
His vibration is so pure that it’s like interacting with light while speaking to him. He channels so effortlessly and can move from topic to topic to receive messages and relay them to you seamlessly.
It’s been a true honour to interact with William, and I received so many answers that I needed and long waited for.
I am deeply grateful for the work William is doing and I would 100% recommend a session with him to anyone who asked me. He is genuinely heart centred and interested in spreading wellbeing for people. His mission is honourable and it was a true honour to speak with and receive guidance from this fantastically special Soul.

Thank you!!