I had a personal reading with William yesterday and it was amazing! He answered all of my questions with great detail. I love how caring and compassionate he is. He has a beautiful connection to spirit that really allows for a strong foundation of energy to flow forth to communicate detailed readings and healing. He is vastly different and unique to any other readings I have received. He walks you through the process of healing and shifting old patterns and releasing old emotions and energies. He pays great attention to details and has specific guidance on how to shift your energy and how to facilitate healing. He is so warm and loving and I felt completely safe to ask about anything in my life that I needed clarity with.

I’m also taking his mediumship courses and would recommend them to everyone. If you want to shift your vibration, communicate with your team and co- create a high vibe reality, this course will shift you.
I am so grateful to you William for your guidance, healing, and love that you extend, it’s a true gift. I wish my words could do better justice for the experiences I’ve had with your work, but I can’t recommend William’s services highly enough. I feel like William got me out of being “stuck” and confused and now I’m really able to move forward and push through. Thank you William, you have changed my life on so many levels and helped me to feel free and alive.

Lots of love,
Sharayah McCormick