We are a community of like minded individuals & souls seeking answers on our awakening journey. Shortcuts for your Soul is on You Tube Every Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays @ 10:00 am Eastern Standard time. Live chat is on for free questions and advice!
Whether you have any burning issues or not, the wisdom, kindness and knowledge he imparts are priceless and Forever life changing!!! I have been seeking knowledge and truth about myself, my life, our collective consciousness and the World for many years. Through all of my seeking, I’ve never met anyone so filled with grace, knowledge, wisdom, patience and genuine compassion.
I thank William for all of the dedication and personal preparation it must take for William to offer the World his time, energy, excellent mediumship skills & life coaching skills. Thank you!
William listens to his guides and angels and cares enough to follow their instructions, so that all may benefit from his knowledge and genuine desire to lead us ALL out of our bonds of misery.
Never have i experienced the kindness that William displayed when he generously reached out to my daughter to offer her help on his own free time! His guides told him to and he obeyed. if you believe that knowledge is power (and for your sake i hope you do), Then this is a great channel for all who wish to connect with your authentic soul self, spirit guides , Angels and ascended beings of all. With the insights and practices I am learning, i have been able to walk away from a serious addiction and wrong thinking because of what William teaches.
I say God Bless You William, your Angels, guides and ascended masters of All! Finally, I believe what William is offering should be taught to young and old alike! You are truly humble & without judgement! That is truly being a Master in my book!!!
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!