One of the reasons I chose to receive a session from William is because I sensed an honest and transparent approach to communicating messages from Spirit while, at the same time, an embodiment of aligning these messages in his everyday thoughts, feelings, words, and actions. Who he is as a person “on screen” is who he is in his sessions. There is no discontinuity, dissonance, nor contradictory messaging occurring. He is dedicated to his Work and is actively in tune and attuned to what he needs to ‘do’ as William to allow the unfiltered messages of Spirit through. I acknowledge the importance of Spirit and their messages to me as well as appreciate the ‘channel’ who is sharing the message. As a person who has been consciously aware of being on a spiritual journey her entire life, I greatly appreciate both the message and the ‘messenger.’

As for the messages I received, they were timely, significant, and insightful. I heard exactly what I needed to hear – with both my physical and spiritual ears – and felt, within me a (re)membering of who I truly am.

I highly recommend William to those who are on the journey of opening their minds and hearts to the messages Spirit is so willing and desirous to share.