Life Changing!!!

If you are ready and willing to take the journey of self discovery, self mastery, evolving your consciousness, reconnecting to your soul essence and reclaiming the true nature of your eternal being then you are in the right place. William Michael Forbes is fulfilling his life’s purpose by serving humanity to raise the collective consciousness on this planet. He is not someone who came to make a name for himself or seek self recognition. He has been to the depths of hell and back through his own personal journey. He made the choice not to take the easy way out but instead he chose to listened to his guidance that had been with him his entire life yet was unaware of their presence. He will be the first to tell you “You are NEVER alone”. PLEASE KNOW THAT THIS IS THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH!!! He fought through his own inner demons, self doubt and never gave up. Through persistence, introspection and sheer will to make a better life for himself he persevered and cultivated a life of his dreams.

His passion for life in service to others has lead he and his beautiful wife Norma Jean to develop life changing courses for anyone who is ready to take that next step. He is devoted to making sure ALL students needs are met not just in a group setting but getting to know everyone’s journey on a personal one-to-one basis.

I was skeptical at first but his personal words to me were that my well-being was as more important to him than anything he could ever benefit from it. No statement has ever been more true. He kept his promise and was there checking on me regularly even when I wasn’t expecting it! He kept in contact with me on a regular basis knowing the personal hell I was facing. And to be honest he talked me down from several ledges so to speak. That speaks volumes to me.

For those who may be wondering if these are just surface level discussions nothing could be further from the truth. I was absolutely shocked! Each course consists of 21 days of in-depth channeling, discussions, meditations…and the list keeps going. It is tailored to fit any schedule so no worries if you have to miss a class because they are all recorded to watch them when your schedule allows. I believe the longest class I attended was nearly 4 1/2 hours long! No questions are off limits and everyone is heard, acknowledged and validated. There is NO JUDGMENT or criticism and, trust me, no questions are left unanswered.

Please avail yourself of the opportunity these courses have to offer. If nothing more you have always gained a new family of love and support for life as I have. No words can describe the love, wisdom, knowledge and understanding that I have obtained by saying yes to a brand new life.

I am truly and eternally thankful for the wonderful opportunity William and his wife have gifted me with…

With much love, respect and appreciation I am truly blessed for this opportunity. 💗💗💗

~Alicia Kelsey~