I worried about many things when I did not have to, William helped me be aware of that and walked me though steps to transform the negative feelings/energy to positive, I now feel more alive, more free.
William channeled messages from many beautiful beings, gave insights into areas of my life. For example, I thought my mom didn’t like someone in my family, but she was acting that way because of generational trauma from the past, it had nothing to do with the family member.
William channeled the steps for me to take to transform that energy for all of us, to finally feel so good and live our lives together.
I learned so much, i understand so much more now.
Things make more sense and i now actually know how to help the energy behind the situations, because they are not what we perceive them to be.
Thank you so so much William and those that came through, thank them all.
If you’ve been drawn here, there is a reason for it, and William can help.