I found the session with William to be quite helpful and inspirational. He gave me messages from my son that validated our current relationship and what steps I could start working on to improve communication between me and my son. Also, a message from my spirit guide was interesting and matched up with what other mediums have brought forth about my guide. Spirit gave suggestions about current health issues not only with me, but my husband and daughter as well. The specific issues are a validation that is specific to me and my family. Master Jesus came through with a message to help me as I go forward with raising my vibrational and energy level; such as drinking water and choosing thoughts wisely. Master Yogananda also came through; another being I have been researching and studying. Final last thoughts from my son’s spirit left me with a great peace and understanding that we do not die, our spirit (energy) continues as we continue to grow and evolve. I strongly suggest others allowing William Michael Forbes to do a reading as it is so healing and a great way to expand our own knowledge and love.