I had my first reading with William last week. I was very nervous to say the least. I must thank my ex-boyfriend to have introduced me to him, in an indirect way. I was asked to prepare 10 questions, which I thought that I wouldn’t be able to do, but it just flowed. William put me very much at ease to start the channelling. I didn’t know what to expect and how it is done?! Questions 1 lead to 8 & 9 which I didn’t ask. This was so accurate and specific the answers that he gave me. The messages that I received were beyond my expectations, helpful, moving and touching. I was speechless & emotional.
My guardian angel was present as I wanted to know her name. Guided me on my future spiritual journey.
My relationship with my son that he told me was mind blowing. It was spot on and he has taught me how to communicate with my son. I was flabbergasted. I feel calm, peace and serenity now, and glad that I crossed the bridge to have a reading with William and to move forward with my life. I learned so much in an hour from WMF, it was clear and to the point. I will always remember my first reading, it hit me right to the core, but I am highly grateful and satisfied. AN EYE OPENER
There’s something so special about him, unexplainable! William is now going to be my NEW mentor; he is amazing and down to earth and so friendly. Thank you very much William for your assistance and getting me back on my feet and in the right direction.