Last wednesday I had a wonderful reading with William. I received such powerful messages!

Williams attention and presence is of a loving kindness. Sometimes the questions I wanted to ask were still a bit too much embedded in linear concepts of my existence. The messages I received from and through William were answers to better versions of my questions, and this suited my current situation and mission in a more precise and more fundamental way. When things gradually started to sink in after the reading this became even more clear to me.
I got a greater gift than I had hoped for.
Of course this was the result of the complex communication dynamics during the reading. William really is capable of receiving much information in a single second. He makes succesfull efforts to translate this carefully, consulting spirit to specify when needed, in order to put things into words as precisely as possible. There is no ego. He clearly is fully devoted to bring the truth across.
I wish to express my heartfelt thanks to William and to all in spirit that were so enthusiastically involved in this miraculous exchange.
Much love, Louise