Here are some of my recently channeled videos for your enlightenment and growth. I have listened to them multiple times as the messages have many layers to them and deeper frequencies of Consciousness open up as you practice the meditations and lessons contained in them.

Lord Metatron on the importance of Mind and Body Balance

Buddha talks on being in the present moment, followed by a Meditation

Master Jesus on Transforming resistance into assistance

Meditation – Being in the Present Moment With the Divine Council of Light

Generating higher frequency feelings with Archangel Michael & Archangel Metatron final

Channeling Lord Metatron – Flower of light Meditation

The Divine Council of Light on being Fear – Less

Lord Metatron balancing the global electric circuit and harmonizing humanity

Ascended Masters. You are Energy, Awakening the SOUL

The Divine Council of Light Meditation for syncronizing DNA and Chakras

The Divine Council of Light Changing the world with Love

Master Jesus Speaking on The Vibration of Love

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