…and a wise teacher, so I went in expecting to have an amazing experience… however, I was still totally blown away! It’s taken me a few days to allow the sheer volume of information to start to sink in, let alone the depth of it. Imagine being introduced to your main angelic guides for the first time, and being gently and powerfully coached by them. How cool is it to be given a practical lesson in energy healing from the Arcturians, to have Jesus taking me by surprise with a loving message, and Goddess Isis confirming the nature of our connection. I also had confirmation of my purpose and mission. This was a truly beautiful experience, all within 60 minutes, which will help me to course-correct the trajectory of my life. I also feel that my vibration has been raised quite a few notches. Thank you, William, for being such a gracious, wise and amazing coach and facilitator. I will be back for more! CarolAnn Love Energy Healer and Energy Transfer Reset Facilitator.