Private Reading with William


I use all of my claire’s. By raising my vibration I am able to connect to higher knowledge, guides, angels, ascended beings and others. Messages can then be passed through to the recipient. The information doesn’t come from me, I receive information from those in the Spirit World. I am merely the messenger!

Private readings are done through Skype video calls and your session is available for download immediately after your reading.

Please have a list of at least 10 questions ready prior to your reading andensure you have fresh drinking water with you.

Session Length: One Hour
Payment can be made in checkout with Visa, MasterCard, and VISA Debit Cards and PayPal. All sessions are scheduled M-F between the hours of 10 am-5 pm Eastern Time Zone.

COST: $222.00 USD



A private reading is a unique experiential process that is both healing and transformative. By connecting to with William yours and his Guides, Angels, Ascended Master and other Multi-dimensional beings come through, so you can ask to be given specific information answers and action steps, unique to your situation that will facilitate transformation and change in the areas of your life that they are most needed. The effects of a reading can be far reaching, influencing your body, mind, emotions and environment. When you change your mind and emotions you change your world.



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