Discover and awaken your passion to live your dream through 1 on 1 coaching

Life Coaching is an effective and powerful vehicle to achieve what you want in life.  Develop a plan and strategies to set goals that move you into the future you want.

Coaching Packages

Breaking Free

Breaking Free is a six-month program that shows how to break down the key mental and emotional patterns you have that are holding you back from gaining the forward momentum you need to have in order to effectively increase your daily results. Breaking Free is designed to show you how to cultivate new ways of thinking and feeling which that will give you a winner’s edge for personal and professional success.

$2,000.00 USD


Living Free

Living Free is a twelve-month program that includes and builds upon the foundational work of Breaking free yet focuses also on longer-term goals and outcomes. As well Living Free includes developing your communication style, designing, improving and creating healthy relationships. Also, learn to extend the range of your successes.

$5,400.00 USD


My Way

My Way is an 18-month program that builds on the power of Breaking Free and Living Free. Learn to extend your capabilities as far as you can imagine and beyond. You want to become an expert at what you already know and you have a desire to extend a positive impact into the lives of others with your newfound knowledge and skills. This is a leadership-focused program.

$8,100.00 USD